MoneySense: Canada's Best Credit Cards Report is BACK!

Friday Sep 22nd, 2017



Shopping around for a new credit card? It’s a great time to be evaluating spending, with back to school and the upcoming holiday season. Someone mentioned that Christmas is only 95 days away! 


Most of us ask ourselves at some point “Is this credit card the best one for me? Am I really getting the most points/cash back/value for my spending? 


Rather than try and figure it all out on our own, the much anticipated MoneySense report is back for 2017. MoneySense’s Canada’s Best Credit Cards 2017 is an invaluable report that categorizes and ranks each card based on a set methodology, and like us, they use fancy tools to help figure out all the data!


This is by far a MUST READ, I mean if you can save money and perhaps get a little more back in your pocket/travel allowance why not check it out?


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