Networking/Business Community Building for Women Entrepreneurs - January 30th

Monday Jan 28th, 2019


At BusiWomen we know the power of community and we’re passionate about helping you to create business friendships. We’re proud to have over 300 networking events for women under our belt and our meetings attract 40-60 women each and every month!

As entrepreneurs we use online communities to build what we often crave most: in-person, offline communities. Connections really are currency, diversity leads to innovation and belonging provides a safety net for expansion and growth. 

Our mission is to help you build a network where you can ask for advice, share information, become a sphere of influence in each other’s businesses, and develop a real business relationship. Some of the connections that have been established in BusiWomen have sparked lifelong friendships, business advocates, and supporters.

Your time and money are both valuable commodities. We recognize this and work hard to ensure that each and every meeting provides you the opportunity to: 
- meet amazing professional women to build your network and share your business 
- generate cost-saving ideas, powerful resources and easy to implement strategies for business success 
- be a part of an elite group of strong, supportive and professional women. 
- learn from a mentor/business coach and strategist 
- feel inspired and build your business on your terms but with a team of like-minded women and friends to support and inspire you.

It’s $20.50 to participate (and we even have coffee and breakfast treats waiting for you that is included in this price) 
Register at We're looking forward to learning more about you and your business! 

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